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Over 2000 Customer Relationship Management CRM software currently exist, to save you time here are the Top CRM packages and some of their positives, to learn more about the risks of each one and get full access to our time saving resources start with your industry.

Microsoft CRM Has grown out of Microsoft Outlook which holds over 60% market share. Almost everyone gets it because it is easy to use, as is Microsoft Office with simple folder grouping and searching features. The calendaring, scheduling and messaging features are similar to Microsoft Outlook CRM but designed to be very stable and scalable to accommodate growth and integration. CRM Live formerly known as Microsoft CRM online is web based CRM that is as fast as your internet connection and very affordable. Experienced Microsoft CRM support is in high demand because you get the correct answers faster. Microsoft CRM consulting and pre planning can lower the price of Microsoft CRM significantly. Deciding to buy, rent or lease Microsoft CRM depends on several factors and this can guide you.

rencontre cougar tarbes virulently Typically Recommended 5 to 500 reps


rencontre gay carquefou Seeb Act started in 1982 as the first contact manager and has grown to become the most popular with over 5 million users, 10 times more users than its closest competitor. It is low risk if you have a few independent people or if you have used it before. With a great number of add on products local training can easily be found. If you want a forms based program that has history ACT may be right one for you. Act software price varies based on version and number of users.

Typically Recommended 1 to 10 reps

Infor CRM SalesLogix

Was one of the first true Sales Force Automation SFA CRM products designed for team selling from the ground up by the inventor of ACT. If ACT is not enough, SalesLogix CRM is easy to use, feature rich and can be tailored to fit and integrated with financial accounting systems and business processes. Also know as Sage CRM SalesLogix it is ideal if you have sales reps on the road or working from remote or branch offices because of its opportunity focus, robust database SQL or Oracle and proven synchronization engines. Saleslogix consulting can make Saleslogix Blackberry CRM and mobile flexibility offerings work well. SalesLogix price is initially higher than some alternatives but Total Cost of ownership is very compelling.

Typically Recommend 5 to 500 reps Saleslogix Mobile CRM,   rencontre ouattara bédié Saleslogix V7

Goldmine CRM

Growing out of similar contact management roots as ACT, known for turning contacts into gold, Goldmine CRM software is rapidly deployable to centralize data for team based selling. Goldmine database software has service desk heat integration strengths with timed email sales processes and also offers free industry templates. Over 1 million users have used Goldmine software training, sometimes provided directly or from Frontrange. Goldmine price has decreased recently due to competitive pressures.

Typically Recommend 1 to 10 reps


Started in 1985 as the first customizable contact manager CRM. It is a mature sun setting product and good if you need to run on older hardware and software at a fixed low cost and is still available as a Dos, Windows 16 or Windows 32 bit application.

Typically Recommended 5 to 50 reps

Salesforce CRM

Our Salesforce Training is in a class of it\’s own, second to none we have even trained Salesforce crm internal employees, including their sales and marketing reps. If you do not have IT and do not like Microsoft Salesforce software price may be short term online alternative, if you are willing to rent forever and never intend to buy and do not mind paying higher prices and additional fees you can sign up for a 3 year contract with salesforce directly. Salesforce consulting, compares and plans for Salesforce apex exchange which provide some bolt-ons that help extend the basic functionality of the sales force software.

Typically Recommended 3 to 13 reps

Sugar CRM

In open source customization architecture the leader is Sugar CRM with MySQL, PHP and Apache features. If you have an open source IT mandate and a smaller team of sales reps, consider Sugar crm because it is not influenced by vendor interference and macroeconomic market forces like the markets.

Typically Recommended 5 to 15 reps

Cloud CRM

Is moving to a cloud CRM program the right choice? Design Audit
Is moving to a cloud CRM database the right choice? Design Audit
What cloud CRM database software will work with our current CRM? Design Audit
The cloud is a return back to a centralized mainframe infrastructure but not physically hosted on premise. As with new technologies, some are a better fit then others, we can help by providing analysis through ourDesign Audit

CRM Consulting starts with planning a CRM management strategy

What are your thoughts and goals and how does that consistently translate into actions with integrity for your customers. Having purchased thousands of CRM systems we know how to get the best price for you and prevent many of the tricks, fees and hidden costs used by the vendors. Defining, Selecting and Buying the right CRM for you is best started with a Design Audit to guarantee success and reduce the risks.